Friday, September 30, 2005


Vijaxame du su le'L'Angwic Sitaja.
Dis se ne'Xlava dei'L'Angwic Strujaxa na'Zandu.
Rofe lamunivi L'angwic ne'lamu vai spaxes L'angwic.
Ne'rofe da'dis Sitaja helfi du giteli

Danxau du,
Le'Xrijaxau va'L'Angwic
Jameson Schwartz ne'Patrick Weber

I welcome you to the L'angwic site.
This is an example of the L'angwic structure and sound.
I hope you will want to learn L'angwic and learn how to speak L'angwic.
And I hope that this site helps you greatly.

We thank you,
The Creators of L'angwic
Jameson Schwartz and Patrick Weber

Sound Bytes
-Slow Spoken-
-Regularly Spoken-
-Fast Spoken-
Files are in WMA format, will be in mp3 as soon as possible.


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