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Verbs Virbau

L'angwic Verb List abandon nabnes
to do des

abide vabides

Number of Verbs: 803 abolish eibolces ja dae wi dau
Last Update: 803
abominate heliges ju dau thai dai

abort jabres hi, ci du thei dei

abrogate verogates it dy ytse dar

absorb apsarbes

abuse jabuses

accelerate nexeles For conjugation endings, see "Structure"

accent nexentes

accept nexses

adapt jadates

add enes

add [math] addes

adjourn jadjures

adjust jaduces

admit jadmites

adopt jadapes

adore jadres

advise jadvizes

advise naзines

agitate nagytates

agree jagres

agree janes

aid neixes

alarm jalames

allow jales

allow ules

alter jaltes

amaze jamazes

annoy anwes

answer antwes

appeal japiles

appreciate japrices

approach jepreces

approve vapraves

argue jargjes

arise renaises

arrest jarestes

ask nasxes

assemble jasambles

assist sames

assure necures

avoid javdes

avoid xeives

bake baxexes

ban banjes

base jump pjyxjyjes

bawl beles

be zes

be able mages

be allowed to speak sxapes

bear benes

bear [carry] bares

beat bites

beat bites

beat off james

be away avaxes

be bored bordes

be bored djaes

be called heisnes

be called xales

become bikomes

become bixomes

be correct bixares

be crucified gexraites

be expected to jexspextes

be free [liberty] fraes

be free [price] grates

befriend bjafrandes

be frightened fobijes

beg bes

begin bidjes

begin bigines

be interested in nintreses

believe bilives

be like bilixes

bellow belawes

be located loxes

be loved bilamres

be named names

bench press byntcpres

bend bendaes

bend bendes

be pleasing gefales

be quiet bixwaes

be right raites

be scared firjes

beseech besitches

be serious seraijes

be silent slyntes

be situated sytjunes

be stealthy stelthes

bet bites

be tired tredes

betray bitcraes

be valid thales

be worth wothes

bicep curl bisaxjes

bid [farewell] bydes

bid [offer amount] binges

bind byndes

bite bytes

blare blares

blaspheme blasfemes

blast blastes

bleed blides

bleed bliides

blend blyndes

block blaxes

blow blawes

boil bwoiles

borrow brines

borrow from brijijes

bow bajes

brag brages

break bjexejes

break brises

break sxranes

break dance breitses

breed brides

bring bringjes

bring brynes

bring up bringwes

build bwiles

burn bjurnes

burn [CD] buзnes

burst bjurstes

burst bjustes

buy bajes

call зeles

cancel xances

capture xaptjures

care xaeraes

carry kares

carry xares

cast off cestjes

cast [throw] xastanes

catch catces

catch xatces

change tcanges

cheat tcites

cheat [relationship] cetes

cherish tcerices

choose tcunes

chop tcapes

chop tcopes

chuck tcaxes

clang xleinges

clean xlines

cleave clivaes

cleave xlives

climb xlimbes

cling xlines

close holses

close jaxles

clothe xladjes

coincide xowinsaides

come komes

command xomanes

commence xamanses

commend xomaes

compel xamples

comply xamplajes

conclude ljunxudes

condense xandaes

conform xanframes

conquer xanxwes

consider xonastes

contradict xantradites

cool xirates

cool down xerupes

correct kares

correct xorrextes

cram xrames

crawl xreles

create xrijates

creep sranes

creep xrres

crossbreed xrabrines

crucify xroitses

cry crijes

cuss kruxtaxes

cut kutes

cut tcut

cut xutes

damage djamaes

dance tantses

dance [slow dance] slantses

daydrem tadjimes

deal with dijawes

deceive desives

decieve trixes

defer djefes

delay djeiles

deliver delyves

demean dimines

demolish demolces

deposit djepes

deprive deprives

desert [to leave] destrates

desire dezres

despise djespes

devour devnes

die totes

dig dygnes

dig xiges

dim dymes

disagree dijanes

disallow dysales

disappear ynfibes

discharge dystcarges

discontinue disxantes

dislike dylyxes

displease dispes

disprove dipraves

dispute djispes

dive [head first] dives

dive [scuba] daives

divide dives

divide [math] divaides

do des

do crunches [workout] xrunatces

dodge dadjes

do pushups pjuces

draw djanes

draw tcres

dream djrimes

drink dranes

drink drinxes

drink [alchohol] drunxes

drink [blood] blyxes

drip dripnes

drive drives

drum drumes

dry heave draines

dwell dewes

dwindle dwednes

eat ites

eat niites

edit denes

engage jengades

enjoy jendes

enter jentres

eradicate jeradixes

erase vexaves

evade jevades

exclude jexludes

excuse exsxjes

exhibit jexyhaes

expect jexspes

explosion jexsploces

expose jexepes

extinguish djexstes

extract exstraxes

fall djales

fall fales

fall into fintes

fart fartes

fart feirtes

feast fiistes

feed fides

feed fides

feel files

feel cold xaltes

fence fynces

ferment firmnos

fetch back fetcabes

fight fytnes

fill fijes

find fyndes

finger fingnes

fix fixses

flaunt flauntes

flee fjes

flee flijes

fling flinges

flip off flijafes

flirt flyrtes

float flaces

flow flawes

fly flises

forbid farbes

forbid farbjaes

force farces

force farsen

forget farges

forget vorges

forgive ferves

format frames

forsake fersexes

free frages

freeze frizes

fuck fjukas

fuck fjuxas

fuck krryxyxes

fufill fufulaes

gain geines

gamble gambles

gash gaces

get gytes

get dressed dreses

get into gintes

give gyves

give advice gaves

give birth beirnes

glide glydes

go away gweijes

go [by car] xantes

go [by foot] funtes

grab grabes

grab graes

grasp grasnes

grieve grives

grieve gryves

grind gryndes

grind thyndes

grow grawes

guess gwes

gulp djupes

gush gjuces

handwrite heindraes

hang hanges

hang [crime punishment] hinges

hang glide hyngynes

hate hases

hate with a passion xipases

have kaves

have sex sixses

have to fyves

heal hiles

hear hures

heat hirates

heave hifes

help helfes

hew kewes

hide haites

hide hydes

hire hyres

hit hytes

hit hytnes

hold haldes

hold haldes

honor anaes

hook hukes

hope rofes

hurl kjules

hurl [throw up] threines

hurt heirtes

idolize jidalaizes

ignore ygnes

inbreed nibrides

increase in size cices

indicate jyndixes

induce nindases

initiate tincijaes

input niput

insert instraes

instant message imes

intend jintenes

interbreed nitabrides

interrupt jinteres

interwind nitavyndes

introduce hyntrojes

invite nivanes

jack off patres

jump jumes

keep xipes

keep xipes

keep xipes

kneel niles

kneel xnales

knit nytes

know [a fact] xaves

know [person] xenes

laugh lates

lay leines

lead lides

lead [take command] lydes

leap lipes

leap lites

learn lames

learn [a skill] lirenes

leave liftes

lend ljendes

lend lyndes

let jetes

let lytes

liberate liberres

lie hanes

lie laines

lie [not tell the truth] lynes

lift lyftes

light laites

light [on fire] latajes

like laixes

like [opposite sex] leixes

like [same sex] geijes

lip-read lyjanes

listen hornes

listen intently harnes

loathe lodjes

lock laxes

look luxes

look for lukes

look [on the outside] aneseijes

loot lutes

lose luzes

love lamares

love [best friend] bifraes

love [friend] freines

love [homosexual] homogeijes

love [NgSs] nigaes

love [object] myges

love [parental] pares

love [sexual] suxses

make makes

massacre krrekyxjes

masturbate nonanires

mean mianes

measure meзnes

meet mites

meet mites

meet [for the first time] nimates

melt mjeltes

mill myles

mislead myslades

misread mijanes

misspeak mispaxes

misspell mispales

mistake mistaixes

mistreat mystrates

misunderstand minunstres

miswrite misrytes

modify mjudyfes

move cumes

move muves

mow mawes

mow mawes

mow [the lawn] mowes

multiply multes

multiply [math] multyplaijes

murder mjudaxes

nab nabes

narrate narres

need nides

neglect negjes

obstruct jabstraxtes

offer ofnes

open japes

order kodes

oubid haubinges

outlaw jautlaes

outrun haurunes

overcome avnes

own aunes

pack pjaxes

paint pjes

parachute pareines

pardon pirdes

part peres

patrol patreves

pay pajes

penetrate penetes

perish perices

persuade pjurzades

pierce pijerses

pinch pyntces

pitch pytyijes

pitch [throw] pitces

pity pytes

place pjuses

plan planes

play spilanes

play instrument ninspailes

plead plides

pledge plages

point out pjoijes

polish polikes

ponder pandes

postpone postapres

pour pores

praise praises

pray praijes

prepay pripajes

prick pryxes

produce pradaces

prohibit prohibjes

propel prapes

propose prapjes

propose [marriage] pjesenes

prosper throspes

protect prates

protest pratates

prove proves

pull pjules

push pjuces

push pucen

push in pjucen

put pjutes

put putes

quarrel xwares

quit xwaes

race racines

rain regnes

raise raises

ram ramfes

read branes

read janaes

realize rilezes

rebuild tebwiles

receive resives

receive ricixes

recommend rexomes

recover rixavnes

recruit rexjunes

redo tedes

redraw tedjes

reduce reiduces

reflect [on idea] reflases

refuse refjes

reject rajaxes

relate relates

relay peises

release rreles

relinquish relenxes

remove deiles

renovate rinavjeites

repair repes

repeat repites

reproach ritcreis

request rexves

request xwestes

resemble resambes

resign resiges

resound rezones

respect respexes

rest brestes

retain retanes

reveal reveles

revere revivres

revoke rivoxes

revolve revaljes

rewind tewynes

rewrite terytes

ride rydes

ring rynaes

rip rypes

rip [CD] ryзnes

rise rises

rise rises

roar rores

roast rustes

roast [comedy] rostes

rob rrobes

rotate rotarres

rub rubnes

ruin ruynes

run runes

run away rywaise

rush ruces

safeguard safeges

save svenes

saw saaves

say зales

scold sxoldes

scream skrimes

search zukes

seek sixes

seem simes

seethe sidjes

seize sizes

select sijextes

send syndes

separate speres

set cales

set setes

set tsetes

settle setales

sew cawes

shake cakes

shave canes

shed cedes

shelter caltres

shine cines

shine cxaines

shit caises

shit cytes

shock cafes

shoot cotes

shorten cortes

shout cautes

shove coves

show cages

show cawes

shriek crixes

shun cenes

shun cunaes

shut cutes

shut cxetes

shutup cutes

sigh saijes

silence cylenses

simmer symes

sing singes

sink singxes

sit down sutanes

skimboard sxymbres

slash claces

slaughter slatres

slay slajes

sleep clafes

sleep deep clefes

sleepwalk slywalxes

sleuth sluthes

slice slises

slide slydes

sling slinges

slit slites

smash cmaces

smell smalaes

smile smiles

sneak cnixen

sneak snikes

sneak past snales

snow snawes

sob sabes

solicit solicaes

sound surrmes

sow cines

speak spaxes

speed spiiden

speed up spidnes

spend cpindes

spill speles

spin spidjes

spin spinjes

spin spynes

spit cpites

spoil spjaes

spoil sprres

spoon-feed spyfides

spread spraes

spring springes

spring springjes

spring from spryngjes

sprout spres

squeeze sxvizes

stab staabes

stake staxes

stand styndes

start ctertes

stay staijes

steal djives

steal stiljes

step ctypes

stick styxes

sting stynaes

sting stynges

stink rixes

stop haltes

strew granes

stride straides

stride strydes

strike [delete] deiles

strike [hit] nymes

string gestres

strive stryves

struggle struges

study studes

stuff stufes

stun stunes

sublet subles

submit subjes

subtract sjunes

subtract [math] subtcraxtes

succeed suxses

suck cuxes

suffer sufnes

suggest suges

suggest sugjestes

summarize cumares

summon caines

sunburn sunabres

support supraes

support zupranes

support [financially] sjapraes

supposed to sposes

surrendor zuranes

suspend suspandes

swear sjeires

sweat sjetes

sweep sjipes

swell sjeles

swell sveles

swell swyles

swim svanes

swing sjinges

swing swinges

take taekes

taunt tauntes

teach titces

tear tijirnes

tear зes

tell tales

terminate tjermintes

test testes

think фines

thrive thrifes

throw thres

throw фrases

throw down pyxykes

throwup thrases

thrust thruses

thrust фreses

tie tijes

tolerate volertes

torment tarmes

torture tormes

transform tcransfames

transmit tcranes

transport transaves

travel travnes

tread фrides

tread water svejes

trick tcryxes

try trines

try on [clothes] entsejes

tug tjuges

turn tjurnes

turn tunes

turn left tulanes

turn out tinawes

turn right turanes

tweak twixes

twirl twirles

type typres

typewrite typryjes

unbend gubendes

unbind gubyndes

unclothe guxladjes

underbid gunabjes

undercut gunatces

undergo junderves

underlie gunahanes

undersell gunaseles

underspend gunaspjes

understand nustandes

undertake nustaxes

underwrite gunarytes

undo gudaes

unfold gufaldes

unfreeze gufrizes

unhang guhanges

unhide guhaites

unite junites

unknit gunytes

unlearn gulames

unsew gucaves

unsling guslinges

unsow gucines

unstick gustyxes

unweave guwives

unwind guvindes

uphold guhaldes

uphold ufaldes

upset guseitnes

urge jurjes

use juzes

view fjes

wager wages

wail weiles

wake wakes

wakeboard waimbres

walk fjunes

want wenes

warm up verupes

warn varanes

watch vatces

watch TV ferseijes

wave vawes

wear juwes

wear weres

wear [clothes] vernes

weave wives

wed weides

weep wiipes

weigh weijes

wet jewetes

whistle зystles

will nawes

withdraw myфes

withhold myфhaldes

withstand myфstandes

woo wujes

work verxes

wrestle restnes

wring rangjes

write rytes

yield jildes

yield jiles

zip zines

zoom in zumes


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