Friday, August 26, 2005


Etymology is the study of word origin.
This post gives the approximate statistics of where I get my words, and the approximate numbers of where I get my ideas for structure and word order.

Etymological Stats
English- 30%
German- 20%
Finnish- 30%
French- 2%
Spanish- 1%
Russian- 1%
Other/Random- 15%

Structural Stats
Germanic- 30%
Romantic- 45%
Slavic- 17%
Ugric- 18%

All statistics are in approximation for just a broad look at how I created this language and the vocab.
These statistics are not going to be completely accurate.

L'angwic is so strongly influenced by the Romance languages, it could be considered a Romantic language. But the sound and the phenomes declare it otherwise.

L'angwic may have roots in other families, but is it's own language and is its own family.


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